fabulamirabilis (fabulamirabilis) wrote in wigmakers,

Advice on Constructing a Kabuki Wig

Hi there, I'm new!
I have an interest in theatrical costume design, which also extends to hair and makeup as well. To be quite blunt, I have an ulterior motive in joining this community as well.
So...for a rather complicated project that my graduating from college is dependent on, aka my senior thesis, I'm making Kabuki-inspired costumes.
And well, for one of them, I would like a Lion's Mane/ Shakkyo wig. I've looked through various online stores, but they don't have a long enough wig.


And so, my question to you lovely people is this:
Would it be feasible to take apart several long wigs, and re-attach them into something resembling the original pictures? Please keep in mind that this isn't a commission, as I probably can't afford it. >>

I'd like to have any advice you can give me, as well, as "No, these are the rantings of a madwoman, etc." I'd just like to know if this idea is even vaguely possible.
Thanks for your time, comments, and patience in advance!

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