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Hello! I'm a novice who has dabbled a bit in wig making (below is a photo of a wig I sculpted from several store bought wigs). I was hoping some of the more experienced members of the community might be able answer 2 questions for me. Does wig lace come in black? I know the point is to resemble skin color but I have another use in mind for it. Also do you have a favorite supplier for wig lace?


defenzmechanizm, skinless

Geisha greeting from DefenzMechanizm

New to LJ longtime lurker....Custom couture hair/art peice created and modeled by DefenzMechanizm during Spooky Empire's Catwalk Tragedy...Individually sewn foam balls wrapped in synthetic hair, sewn onto synthetic wigbase, with floral arrangement...Enjoy!
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Advice on Constructing a Kabuki Wig

Hi there, I'm new!
I have an interest in theatrical costume design, which also extends to hair and makeup as well. To be quite blunt, I have an ulterior motive in joining this community as well.
So...for a rather complicated project that my graduating from college is dependent on, aka my senior thesis, I'm making Kabuki-inspired costumes.
And well, for one of them, I would like a Lion's Mane/ Shakkyo wig. I've looked through various online stores, but they don't have a long enough wig.
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And so, my question to you lovely people is this:
Would it be feasible to take apart several long wigs, and re-attach them into something resembling the original pictures? Please keep in mind that this isn't a commission, as I probably can't afford it. >>

I'd like to have any advice you can give me, as well, as "No, these are the rantings of a madwoman, etc." I'd just like to know if this idea is even vaguely possible.
Thanks for your time, comments, and patience in advance!


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Hi! [Waves] I'm new here, but I came by because I have a dilemma

I've got 4 wigs that I haven't really worn much, but with the arrival of my newest one (Long, straight, purple!squee!) I had a maybe crazy idea...

Can I get it a bit more under control with a bath or spray down with some very diluted liquid fabric softener? All 4 are artificial fibers, Kanakaelon, except for the cheapo Halloween wig.

If not fabric softener, then what else is recommended? My main concerns are control static, and styling it to stay out of my darn face!

Any advice I get from actual wig wearers will be cherished greatly. Thanks!

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A push in the right direction?

A friend has asked if I can make a wig like this:

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I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to go about it. I'm thinking Kanekalon as its cheap and easy to get ahold of.
Not sure about the whole upwards direction of the hair. Is it possible to sew the hair into wefts and attatch it and then hair spray it to keep the lift? Without having done this before I would be afraid that the wig cap between the wefts would be seen in places.

Any tips or pointers would be very much appreciated.


Dread Perms,HH Extenders, and Extensions

Check it out! New videos will be posted Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am PST!

Tuesday August 4th-Dread Perms, Perm Styles, and Reperm
Thursday August 6th- HH Extenders
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Thursday August 13th- Linkies Track/Weave
Tuesday August 18th- Fushion (Bulk, I, and U tip)
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I haven't posted anything in quite a while, but here's a recent commission wig I sent out a few weeks ago.

I took two purchased wigs, dewefted one entirely and added it back into the other between each existing weft. It has a great slow transition between the two textures and in person the highlights/lowlights of the two purples are really lovely.

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horned wig how-to

How to for Horned Wig: http://community.livejournal.com/wigmakers/26985.html

I didn't think about taking pictures as I did this, but I've got a second wig I need to attach horns to (for when Red wants to have different hair), and I'll grab pics from that. Besides, there will be better contrast with that, since it'll be black/gold horns and a red wig, instead of black/gold horns and a black wig, where even *I* could barely tell what was what through most of the process, much less take illustrative pictures.

Cutting the description so it doesn't clutter f-pages.
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