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Wig Lace

Hello! I'm a novice who has dabbled a bit in wig making (below is a photo of a wig I sculpted from several store bought wigs). I was hoping some of the more experienced members of the community might be able answer 2 questions for me. Does wig lace come in black? I know the point is to resemble skin color but I have another use in mind for it. Also do you have a favorite supplier for wig lace?


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i know netting comes in black, but mesh does not...but its pretty easy to dye dark...
and is my favorite place to buy from
Thanks for the info!
front lace does not come in black, but there are several other kinds of netting and mesh used for wig bases that does come in black. It's all going to depend on how fine you need it to be.

His and her has some choices but I buy from Alcone usually. I don't believe they have a site, but DeMeo in NY will also have choices.
Interesting, I'll have to investigate more. Thanks for your input!
no problem! I'm a professional wig maker so if you've got other questions feel free to hit me up for info.
Great! I appreciate that!