Lady Jade (ladyxjade) wrote in wigmakers,
Lady Jade

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i want to try to recreate this look:

how would one go about it? backcomb a curly wig? i have this wig:
<input ... >
i would have to add the bangs, but i was just wondering before i ruin it.
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yes, but

a) you need a pretty thick wig to get this much volume
b) depending on how curly your wig is(can't see your photo) you might want to give it a tighter curl first and then do your back combing
this is the wig i have:

it probably isn't big enough to pull off the look. thanks!
that definitely isn't long enough, but the curl size is good!

pandorasfox pretty much covered it, but I just wanted to add that you will need to add extra hair to the wig. Make sure the hair you use is kanekalon; it'll be easier to curl (with steam or boiling water) than other types of synth.